Company History

Short summary of our development


founding of the A-D-W GbR, Engineering Office for Environment Protection and Industrial Wastewater Technologies, by Werner Austermann, Peter Denz und Werner Walz. Within a few years the company developed to a well-established service company with up to 17 employees.


admission of new shareholders for succession planning and for increased business scope. The company was converted into a Limited liability company (Ltd), operating since then under the name A-D-W GmbH, Engineering Company for Environment, Filtration, Paint, Supply- and Disposal Systems.


office premises in Fellbach were expanded and modernised


the since October 2012 ongoing integration of Fred Luderer Consulting into the A-D-W GmbH was completed. The added fields of operation are electrostatics and safety inspections according EC directives.

Since 2011 A-D-W supports projects of the child welfare organisation ChildFund

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