Coating technique / Surface technology

Based on years of experience we offer vendor-neutral planning services with project supervision for your paint / coating systems and surface treatment systems

Planning of Coating Process

  • We provide our professional expertise in the preparation of your coating strategies
  • Identifying potential optimization in quality, environmental aspects, cost effectiveness, technical feasibility
  • Estimation of the of realization probability
  • Implementation support from concept to start of serial production
  • Fault analysis in the coating process
  • Evaluating of innovative coating technologies
  • Definition of quality standards
  • Monitoring of release processes

Design of the Plant Facilities

  • Pre-treatment (degreasing, pickling, …) for subsequent coating processes
  • Washing systems / rinsing technology
  • Surface finishes / treatments (electroplating, anodizing, …)
  • Paint supply (pump technology, dosage systems)
  • Application technique (dip coating, spray coating, electrostatic methods, …)
  • Underbody protection / sealing car body
  • Conveyor systems
  • Dryer
  • Dry separation
  • Rinse water treatment
  • Waste water treatment

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