Explosion protection / Electrostatics

We ensure your safety

Facility planning in hazardous areas according to ATEX

  • Basic evaluation
  • Ex-zone classification
  • Safety assessment
  • Planning and implementation based on newest technical regulations
  • Supervision and construction surveillance
  • Electrical engineering and instrumentation & control technology
  • Process and systems engineering

Preparation of explosion protection documentation according EC directives

  • Evaluation of the existing situation
  • Risk assessment and evaluation (within compliance with Directive EU 2014/27 minimum requirements for health and safety)
  • Development and supervision of measures for personal and systems protection and requirements for sustaining an insurance coverage
  • Air / flow measurements
  • Calculation of lower explosive limits
  • Support system design and expert reports

Participation in the following working committees of the professional association of wood and metal (employers‘ liability insurance associations)

  • Working group on explosion protection
  • Working group fire protection


  • Flammable liquids
  • Methane-active media
  • Hydrogen
  • Wet paint, powder paint and flock


  • Motor test benches
  • Tank farms / filling stations
  • Supply system
  • Filter units
  • Industrial waste water treatment
  • Sewage plants and fermentation plants
  • Installations for the surface coating with wet paint, powder paint and flock
  • Active and passive paint storage

In addition, we take care of the professional inspection of your equipment and machinery

See » Safety inspections acc. EC directives

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