Planning / Tendering / Supervision

From process engineering up to ready-to-run PLC-software


  • Basic evaluation
  • Variant analysys
  • Cost estimation


  • Basic design
  • Cost calculation
  • Aproval planning
  • Implementation planning

Tendering Process

  • Detailed quantity determining
  • Technical specification of the scope of delivery
  • Commercial and technical contract terms
  • Bid evaluation
  • Price comparison list
  • Award proposal / Evaluation matrix

Project Management

  • Scheduling
  • Claim management
  • Project planning

Execution / Construction-Supervision

  • Contractor briefings
  • Instructions regarding accident prevention regulations
  • Technical supervision
  • Check of compliance with contract
  • Organization and management of site meetings
  • Construction schedule and deadline monitoring
  • Pre acceptance and final acceptance

Investment cost saving – Operation cost reduction
by 360° view on design, installation and operation

Economical plant operation is no coincidence, but a result of various factors in design and installation. We pay strict attention to compliance with legal requirements and particular specifications and their practicable and effective implementation in your specific case.

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